Enviro gallery by Moduluc


I'm Vainsang, I've been a big fan of InfinityLabs from day 1. That's a deflationary art collection of 8888 pieces that tends to evolve to 1111 unique animated pieces.

That was my first mint on Solana back in October 2021 and I literally fell in love with this ML art collection. This art really touched me to the heart and I've never seen any other art collection coming close to this level.

It's a passion project that has been initially created by a courageous woman fighting cancer, as a way to escape her own reality.

There's a lot to say about InfinityLabs but I created this simple site just to share a part of my collection with the world. Soon, I hope to share this art inside an Enviro gallery (a gallery project run by Moduluc (check out this tweet for more about this), a Metaverse company building on Solana too) that you can see on the above image as a sneak peek.

If you want to know more about the project, please check out the official website here : https://infinitylabsnft.com/

Presentation video

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