The Druid's Rest

Far deep into the jungles of Sakir lived a Druid, by the name of Sanving. The ancient Druid communed with the elements and denizens of the Wild, always striving to keep the dynamic balance of the green luxuriant forest.

Although very diligent when it came to the obligations he assumed with the Moon in the Primordial days, the old Druid mostly liked to smoke his long pipe and tend to the many animals that lived in his house.

From small Bitle Rats from Beroc, to the Cora Cobra and Thunder Rays, all animals live in peace and harmony in the Druid House.

From time to time, Sanving received visits from his old Friend The Painter Zorien, who would tell the Druid about the affairs of the world. The Druid would not be too concerned by them, until the day the painter told him about the Black Jester of the Void.

Community lore written by ZeSSK.

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